Waterproof case CoolBox ACTCOOBAG1 Smartphone Tablet Waterproof Transparent

  • €1,68

If you're passionate about IT and electronics, like being up to date on technology and don't miss even the slightest details, buy Waterproof case CoolBox ACTCOOBAG1 Smartphone Tablet Waterproof Transparent at an unbeatable price.

Waterproof Case for mobile and smartphones

Nowadays is the “always connected time” and our smartphone is always with us, needing special protection in some situations.
We also usually carry it on the beach or in the snow, though worried about its integrity because of the sand or the splashing water, which threaten those kind of devices.
The Waterproof bag for mobile CoolBox is ideal for these situations.
We introduce the mobile inside, close and ready. We can use our smartphone safely. The capacitive touchscreen responds to perfectly even inside of the bag and, despites being locked inside the bag, you can voice chat with your phone safe from sand and water.
That’s a very useful and affordable product to protect our smartphone at the beach or pool, in the snow, and in many other situations.

  • Valid for:
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet
  • Compatible: Universal
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Accessories: yes
  • Case type: Pouch case
  • Colour of product: Transparent
  • Brand compatibility: Universal
  • Protection features: Dust resistant, Scratch resistant, Water resistant
  • Washable: Y
  • Quantity: 1
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Depth: 230 mm
  • Manual: Y
  • Case carrying style: Bag, Neck strap, Wrist strap

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